The AIT Composite Arch Bridge System has been listed on PennDOT's Approved Bridge and Structures Products list.

Advanced FRP Composites.

The AIT bridge system uses concrete-filled, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite tubes.  This advanced carbon fiber composite provides external reinforcement to protect and strengthen the superstructure elements for increased durability and protection from corrosive factors.

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Better. Faster. Lower Cost.

Our innovative composite bridge system extends structural lifespan, accelerates project timelines, and reduces bridge life cycle costs compared to alternatives. Various headwall systems are available to complement your project site with more savings and enhanced aesthetics.

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Tested & Acclaimed.

The patented FRP system has been tested with advanced structural characterization, predictive modeling, fatigue testing, along with environmental durability tests for UV, fire, and abrasion resistance. Among other awards, it received the 2011 Award for Innovation from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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