Innovative bridge system.

Advanced Infrastructure Technologies (AIT) is revolutionizing bridge construction through advancements in technology.

Our innovative composite bridge system is AASHTO approved and lowers construction costs, extends structural lifespan up to 100 years, and is a greener alternative to concrete and steel construction.

We provide conceptual and design services, fabrication of composite superstructure elements and installation oversight.

All designs are engineered to exceed AASHTO load standards for single span bridges from 25 ft. to 70 ft. and multi-span designs exceeding 800 ft.

Find out if we can lower costs for your bridge project.


Advanced composites.

The system uses a composite exoskeleton to fortify concrete superstructure. This adds significant strength, durability and protects the concrete from corrosion.

The fabrication of superstructure elements is a proprietary process that fuses several layers (including carbon fiber) with resin to create the composite material. The exact blend is engineered to optimize the efficiency of the bridge design.

Inexpensively transported to the job site, composite arches are placed in position, covered in composite decking and filled with an expansive concrete.


'Bridge-in-a-Backpack' heritage.

The system is based on original 'Bridge-in-a-Backpack' patent-pending technology, developed over an 11+ year period by the Advanced Structures and Composites Center at the University of Maine.

We gleefully employ several gifted engineers that studied under our co-founder, Dr. Habib Dagher, a Professor of Civil/Structural Engineering at UMaine, and founding Director of the University Center. Dr. Dagher is a leading expert in the field of advanced composite materials.

Testing at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center included structural characterization and modeling, fatigue testing for 50+ years of truck traffic, environmental durability testing for UV, fire, freeze-thaw and abrasion resistance, and instrumentaion and field load testing.