Planning receipt of arches should be as close to the installation date as possible to minimize the risk to damage during on-site storage.


Arches are stacked, crated with blocking as a unit (typically seven stacked arches due to transport height limitations) and shipped on a trailer from the fabricator. The arches crate is unloaded using a crane spreader bar or forklift.


Disassembling arches from the crate is done by hand. Relocating arches to store or set in place requires two nylon 3” wide endless sling straps separated by at least six feet.

Setting Arches

The first arch is set into place with one person at each end to ensure arches are set in vertical and horizontal alignment.


 The next arch is set and braced from the previous arch to ensure alignment.

Restraining is accomplished by using AIT provided positioning hardware and fixing the arch end to the abutment at the specified location/elevation.


Wooden spacers and ratcheting nylon straps can be used to maintain the specified arch spacing prior to and during FRP deck installation.