Finished McGee Bridge

Company News Highlights

Town in Connecticut Builds Bridge Out of a ‘Backpack’

Bridge-in-a-Backpack company secures deal with international firm to sell more bridges

Dagher to be Recognized as 2015 White House Transportation Champion of Change

Reinforced plastics build bridges --and more

‘Bridge in a backpack’ saves Vermont time and money

'Bridge in a backpack' speeds up state projects

PENNDOT Approval

FHWA Public Roads Vol. 75 -- Emerging Bridge Applications

MassDOT Blog - Fitchburg "Bridge-in-a Backpack"

Massachusetts Governor Patrick views Fitchburg bridge project

Evaluation of a New Arch Bridge Technology

American Society of Civil Engineers Recognizes Bridge-in-a-Backpack

ASCE Award for Innovation -- 3/30/2011

Innovative composite arches

Concrete International - 2/15/2010

AIT Announces Closing of Series A Financing

AIT Press Release - 2/3/2010

Featured in Popular Science

We are featured in the December 2009 issue of Popular Science...

Umaine/AEWC Technical Presentation To The ACI

AIT Blog - Our R&D partner, the AEWC at the University of Maine, today gave a technical presentation...

Exhibited At AASHTO's Annual Meeting

AIT has draft AASHTO Specifications for Concrete Filled FRP tubes

Carbon reinforced bridge attracts cabinet level interest

Composites World - 10/27/2009

Secretary LaHood visits

Maine Insights - 10/19/2009

What's a bridge in a backpack?

Infrastructurist - 8/19/2009

Secretary Of Transportation impressed by arches

US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood visited U Maine Composties Center.

DC Official eyes bridge technology

Bangor Daily News - 8/18/2009

US government eyes bridge technology

Homeland Security Newswire - 8/18/2009

Composite genius

Bangor Metro - 5/1/2009

Maine startup uses composite technology

Journal of New England Technology - 4/17/2009

Newest technology offers more strength

Salisbury Post - 4/15/2009

Bridge cost cut

Composites World - 3/24/2009

UMaine commercializes two hybrid technologies

Composites World - 2/24/2009

UMaine engineers unveil bridge in a backpack

Aggregate Research - 2/23/2009

UMaine R&D spins off company

Mainebiz - 2/20/2009

Bridge to the future?

Bangor Daily News - 2/19/2009
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